Membership Criteria

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The Society represents the Planters of Malaysia and other territories, whose personal and professional interests it is bound to endeavour to secure and promote. OBJECTS foremost in the Society’s Memorandum of Association are:-
· To promote the general interests of the planting profession.
· To promote the advancement and facilitate the acquisition of that knowledge which constitutes the professional qualification of planters.
· To watch over, promote and protect the mutual and individual interests of its members in respect of matters pertaining to or arising from their employment in the planting profession.
· To promote and maintain good feeling, co-operation and understanding between members and their employers.
· To maintain the growth of the Society and Malaysia’s unrivalled record of excellence in plantation agriculture into the next millenium.


Those directly employed in plantation management such as:-

a) Estate Managers
b) Cadets
c) Qualified Scientific, Administrative Professional staff of estates or organizations mainly concerned with the planting industry.
d) Assistants Managers
e) Engineers
f) Senior Executives
g) Estate Medical Officers


Category A
Ordinary Members who are employed as Managers, Assistant Managers, or in like or analogous offices and are normally resident in Malaysia and Singapore.

Category B
Estate Medical Officers, Engineers, Accountants and Scientists resident in Malaysia.

Overseas (eligibility as in Category A and B)

Life Members
Any Ordinary Member of the Society who has been a member for not less than 10 years, on ceasing to be employed in the Plantation Industry and on retirement may apply to become a Life Member. A Life Member is entitled to all the facilities and privileges of Ordinary Membership except:

* The member may not vote

Currently, the fee for Life Membership is RM 750.00 - a one time payment

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